1. A Hip Hop Animated Cartoon Musical
  2. INVICTUS- The Album
  3. Rappers Gone Wild DVD vol 1    http://rappersgonewild.blogspot.com/

Project 1- Hip Hop Chronicles Animated Series

" Hip Hop Chronicles" will be the first Hip Hop animated musical series to hit the market. Both animation and hip hop are billion dollar industries and the combination of both elements will be a big hit. If you are familiar with shows like HS Musical, Glee, Family Guy or even South Park you know that the window for success is already wide open. We want raw untapped talent to cast for this groundbreaking project. We are currently looking for Rappers/MCs who can follow direction and have the lyrical skills to fill the roll of a variety of characters . Further details about the cartoon will be unveiled to the Rappers/MCs who make the cut. If you have what it takes you can be a part of something bigger than yourself  

This is how it works:
  • To participate, there will be a submission fee of $20 . This ensures that every submission gets listened to.
  • You will receive an email which contains an assignment.
  • The assignment will consist of a beat and a specific topic for the song.
  • Give us your best 16 bar verse and a hook on that track
  • Email us the song along with your contact info and the registration code.
  • You will be judged on lyrical content and the ability to stay on topic.
  • All submissions will be considered for both the Cartoon or the Invictus Album 

Project 2
The Invictus Group

We are forming a rap super group that represents one entity of greatness called Invictus ( latin meaning: The Undefeated, The Unconquerable) 

In order to make money in the music industry you have to have a hit record. The recipe for a hit song consist of the right beat, the hook and the lyrical content that glues everything together. 
We are giving every Rapper/MC the opportunity to be heard. Do you have what it takes??


  • If you are chosen for the cartoon you will be a part of an amazing cast and receive a salary based upon  your role in the cartoon which is currently being shopped to several networks.
  • If you are chosen for the first single of the INVICTUS album you will receive a $1000 bonus
  • Flown in to record in our NY or Atlanta recording studio
  • You will receive a percentage of the net sales of the single.
  • The single will be sent out to over 150 urban radio stations and over 300 press outlets. It will also be sold on Itunes , amazon..etc 

Project 3

Rappers Gone Wild DVD vol.1  For more information please visit     rappersgonewild.blogspot.com/

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get some great promotional exposure and put you skills to the test.

Hurry up and register today!!!

For more information contact us at